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its world health day

its time to build a fairer and healthier world for everyone, everywhere.

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the WHO, as well as other related organizations.

Theme and significance:


As Covid pandemic has very well shown us that some people can live better healthier lives and have better access to health services than others…entirely due to the conditions they are born, grow, work, live and age. Through World Health Day 2021, WHO thus seems to bridge this gap.

All over the world, some groups struggle

  •  to make ends meet with little daily income
  • have poorer housing conditions and education
  • fewer employment opportunities
  • experience greater gender inequality
  • have little or no access to safe environments,
  • no clean water and air
  • no food security and health services.

This leads to unnecessary suffering, avoidable illness, and premature death. And it harms our societies and economies. However, WHO believes that not only is this unnecessary but also preventable. Thus, comes the World health day 2021 theme which is “Building a fairer, healthier world.” 

This year, WHO has urged countries all over the world and leaders to step up and ensure equality when it comes to healthcare. “We are calling on leaders to ensure that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health.  At the same time, we urge leaders to monitor health inequities and to ensure that all people are able to access quality health services when and where they need them,” reads the official website.

How Homoeopathy has helped to build a fairer, healthier world?

As the whole world has experienced this devastating situation due to Covid pandemic, the means and ways to bridge this gap is aptly helped by Homoeopathy. Needless to say, the world has seen in last year with the surge of covid cases increasing drastically, Homoeopathic medicines like Ars alb, Bryonia, Phosphorus, and many more prescribed on the Principles of Homoeopathy has helped not only rich but also poor sectors of the society. The political leaders, various private institutions and charitable organisations have come forth for the cause.

The signs and symptoms of this  A YEAR- OLD DISEASE, when seen with the eye of a homoeopath is not new. As said by our master Dr. Hahnemann,

Homoeopathy treats the man in the disease and not the disease.

This disease has opened the eyes of the world towards Homoeopathy, a need for an integrated approach has emerged. Ayurveda and Yoga share the philosophy of strengthening the human body and mind and maintaining good health through preventative, promotive, curative and rehabilitative approaches. Integrating these approaches with modern medicine will not only complement each other but also offer a novel and effective way to manage the current ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. The Government of India has taken a bold step to introduce Interdisciplinary AYUSH Research and Development Task Force’ to control COVID.

Homoeopathy can easily treat covid cases with mild, moderate cases and even the severe cases in hands of experienced ones.  In many cases, more than disease, the fear of getting infected, panic struck people affecting their day-to-day life, increasing cases of depression, fright that remains even after getting well or after hospitalization has affected the mass.  Here homoeopathic remedies like Stram, Opium, etc have helped patients enormously.  Moreover, financial, economical issues faced by one and all have left families after families helpless. Not only the cost-effectiveness of homoeopathic treatment but quick recovery from illness is well known. The feeling of well being and cure is much faster, gentle and safe.


  1. Each and every blog of Your’s is always very nicely written thoughtful and informative….
    Ty so much dear

    • Exactly correct in all views mainly for what reason some groups struggle and should maintain uniform equality with respect to health for building fairer healthier world.

  2. It is very true .the pandemic has taught s very besic lesson.make use of sources only as per requirement.maintain equanimity between humanbeing and universe.

  3. Factual information about homeopathy, it’s use in human life, and how differently*(gradually but effectively)* it treat in all aspects to human ailments, simultaneously psychologically and physically.

  4. Nicely written, i believe everyday should be celebrated as a world health day. If you don’t workout, you don’t get to breath in such pandemic atmosphere. And to secure, to follow your routine, workout properly, people need to understand the importance of homeopathy!

  5. Very nice blog ,homeopathic medicines are best over allopathic medicines it is really helping people in improving all aspects of health and that’s why people are also moving towards homeopathy.


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