COVID Vaccine: YES Or NO

Today this is a million-dollar question…SHOULD WE SAY YES OR NO TO VACCINE?

I know by this time most of us above 45 years of age might have got our first dose of either covaxin or covishield. but still, somewhere in the back of the mind, we have this question lurking.

Facts and myths about getting the vaccine:

1.What to do if we get any side effects of it?

2.When should we take it?

3.Will it interacts with our regular medicine?

4.We are having a cold, cough, fever and skin problems?

5.We have already got covid last year than should we take?

6. One member in the family is covid positive, should we get a vaccine?

so on and so forth……


  1. Age: we all know govt is giving vaccines as phased distribution as per age criteria starting from older to the younger age.  Now, India expanded its vaccination programme to include all adults over the age of 18 starting 1 May amid a deadly second wave of infections.
  2. Comorbidity criteria: whether the person is suffering from long term illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, cancer, any autoimmune disease.
  3. Occupation: Doctors, health care workers, frontliners, those who are working in covid wards or are at constant risk of exposure to covid patients.
  4. Availability of vaccines: now covid vaccine centres receive either covaxin or covishield depending on their availability gives respective doses. You are supposed to know which vaccine has been given the first time, covaxin or covishield, and should not take different vaccines at other time.


  1. active covid infection.
  2. active acute diseases eg. cold, cough, fever, bodyache, diarrhoea, any skin infections.
  3. severe allergy of any kind of substance, medicine OR tendency to allergy. in such cases first, consult to respective doctor before getting the vaccine.
  4. known case of allergic to content of vaccine or denatured water.
  5. any side effects or reaction after the first dose of the vaccine.
  6. immunocompromised persons like cancer, bleeding disorders like haemophilia, autoimmune disorders.
  7. research is still in progress about safety for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.



  1. the person who has been covid positive in the past. It has been studied that antibodies are present for 3 months in the blood of those who are infected moderate to severe.
  2. those who had got both vaccines and want to know about their immune status usually in case of doctors, frontline covid warriors.

Antibodies study has been found useful for assessment of the immune response of the person to the viral exposure.

  1. if titers are below 10, the person is vulnerable to covid.
  2.  if the titer is above 40, the person can wait for 3 months.


  1. The efficacy of vaccines have been 60-70 % .so we need to continue with the covid appropriate behaviour.
  2. Continue the use of mask, social distancing, frequent hand washing and use of sanitiser to avoid infecting others.


According to the studies of the patients, it has been understood that the most common side effect FEVER after the vaccine. It is the body response healthy response to the vaccine. So instead of giving Paracetamol, it is advised to take NOTHING and just take rest and allow body immunity to develop.  Like a stranger entering the house, the owner takes note of it so as the body reacts to the alien substances of the vaccines. Medicines should be given only when it takes more than 2 days and the body is unable to take of its own.


There are many cases of post covid vaccination complications being treated by homoeopathy effectively.

  1. pus and hardness around the site of the injection treated with Calc sulph.
  2. pain and swelling at the site get relief with Ledum and Hypericum.
  3. long term vaccine sequelae treated with Thuja.

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  1. Even after watching so much of the news, and reading all the whatsapp msgs, no one could have explained this better and i was waiting for this eagerly
    There was a big confusion upon when should be the 2nd dose taken, well the confusion was just between covaxin and covishield which differentiates the timings of their doses. Thank you for this important information.

  2. So many questions are answered in this article and so many doubts got cleared as well… Nice one…
    Ty Dr Sunaina ????


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