It has been a year and a half almost since we are living with this COVID 19 pandemic. Nevertheless, experiencing a life of SEESAW, has left us with many scars remaining for the lifetime. Just as everything in life, covid also its own plus and minus. In my post CORONA and KARUNA year, I  wrote about how it has compelled us to change our lifestyle.

Today, we are facing a second wave, so also the second lockdown in Maharashtra. Its time for us to look over the difference in the mental, social and social conditions. the first wave was milder and had limited itself with relatively fewer cases. But this second wave is really taking a toll in every way from resources at the level of medicines, oxygen supplies, medical facilities, and hospitals. It has not left any stone unturned this time.


  • In these difficult times, when earnings have gone to an all-time low due to the lockdown with many companies cutting on salaries, business losses, job loss, and closure of the service industry, and no respite from the regular expenses incurred every monthly cycle.
  • The stress has piled up and has even increased cases of domestic violence and disputes adding to the social stress.
  • anxiety and panic of getting covid are now seen everywhere and leading to sleeplessness.


  • Homoeopathy has excellent remedies not only in the treatment of covid positive cases but also in dealing with mental disturbance and anxiety, fear, fright, shock and other negative emotions.
  • By the unique PRINCIPLE OF INDIVIDUALIZATION, our remedies help one overcome the effects of the current pandemic pertaining to the everyday issues and state of mind one comes across and which results in panic attacks, sadness bouts, unnecessary weeping, anger bouts and various other unexplained reactions from the person affected.

Some of these rubrics are:
ailments disappointment
ailments, position, job loss of
ailments loss, financial
ailments discords, parents, relatives of
ailments death, parent, relative of—etc.
fear impending disease
fear losing reason of
anxiety work
anxiety health about
anxiety health, others about—etc.

Many homoeopathic remedies like Arsenic alb, Ignatia, Gelsemium, Bryonia, Phosphorus. Every remedy is prescribed on the basis of symptom similarity has helped immensely and long-lasting.


  • How many of us in their daily normal chores would fight with the time to manage with home, office, kids and society??? How many of us would sit relaxed at home, talk and dine together???
  • We all need to adapt to a new change accept it and make it a part of us.
    Milna zarrori hai, so virtual hi sahi!
    Itna to hum pehle mile bhi nahi!!
    Senior citizens in my family all meet over ZOOM every day from 4 TO 6 for satsang and public prayers then talk for sometime.
  • The time has brought back the family games and interactions long forgotten due to the technological advancements brought by high-tech mobile phones and laptops.
  • With ample of free time to spare, hobbies like exercising, yoga, cooking, painting, music has become favourite pastime for the modern day generations.
  • WORK AND STUDY FROM HOME: It has given us an opportunity to work in the comfort of home thus reducing our travelling time and exertion.
  • Doing meditation not only calms down the mind but also improve immunity.


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