Role of Homeopathy treatment in Corona

Friends by now everyone has, at least, heard these words…..Arsenic album….camphor….. prevention… Homoepathy.

Corona has become part of our life since 3 months from March 2020. We have to start living with it as said by WHO.

I want to discuss what is the role of Homeopathy in today’s scenario of Corona… What we have in the armamentarium of Homeopathy????

All know how the virus spread, mode of transmission, social distance. But what we are not addressing is IMMUNITY, PSYCHOLOGY of the people or public who are getting infected.

Each and every human has MIND and BODY which works in HARMONY with each other. Let me explain you…. what happens when you get frightened or when a dog runs behind you? Definitely, you will say I started palpitating, sweating and my breath ran like horse. The mind recognises the environment as a threat to life and body shows the reaction that is OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Same is the story of Corona.

Here comes the role of Homeopathy, the science of HOLISTIC APPROACH. Each person has own set of thinking, perception and dealing with the same circumstances… depending on it we all differ from each other and that is what we call in Homeopathy…Individualisation.

We treat man in disease and not disease in man.

Inspite of the propaganda of preventive medicine of Homeopathy has been in the air. Those who are helped with preventive medicine are good but they have to follow the rules of social distance. Inspite of care, even if anyone gets infected than also homeopathic medicine can be of utmost use.

I URGE all to STAY SAFE not only by STAY AT HOME but also STAY CALM……improve our IMMUNE SYSTEM by taking Homeopathic medicine and follow ….Regular rest, diet rich with vitamin C, nutrition and regular exercise.

22 thoughts on “Role of Homeopathy treatment in Corona”

  1. Much needed perspective doctor!
    A fair glimpse of relationship between Mind-Body and Homeopathy, but would love to get an insight into the interdependence of mind and body and how Homeopathy helps.

  2. Homeopathy has always been a perfect solution since my childhood and I continued the same with my kids and thank god to help me with a doctor like you who’s so genuine and perfect and gives accurate advice . Nowadays doctors are professionals and commercial but you are an exception and a perfect example of a fine person. Every time I my kids my husband or even anyone whom I recommend you to needed you, you were always there. Ty so much dear .

  3. It’s the right time to make people understand that how not only covid but in all diseases that the pathogenic organism is present but not all gives symptoms or not all suffer, individualisation is only thing mentioned in homoeopathy besides how all diseases have a facet of psyche like in current situation

  4. That is my intention to put in front of all…how individualization is the key to homoeopathy treatment and give the CURE.


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