Myths and facts about ARSENIC take or not

Homeopathic medicines to Boost Immunity

Homeopathy treats the Man in disease and not the disease in Man. Hence the best prophylactic against the disease/epidemic is the constitutional homeopathic medicine.

Various experiments have proved that homeopathic medicines help boost immunity. A person who is already taking homeopathic medicines need not worry about the epidemic as the Right constitutional medicines are already working on him to boost his immunity thus preventing illness.

Which medicine Should I take?
Various messages are circulating on social media about homeopathic medicines for improving immunity.

AYUSH suggested Arsenic alb 30 as the best medicine to boost immunity. Other groups suggested Camphor 1M to boost immunity. Some institutions suggested Bryonia, some suggested Gelsemium. So this has created a lot of confusion amongst people as to what to take.

Arsenic alb has been recommended by the AYUSH ministry of govt of India. The other recommended medicine camphor 1M, has been tested to be efficacious with patients in Iran but it has not been tested here in India and is not recommended by govt of India.

Guidelines to take homeopathic medicines to boost immunity

The basic guideline regarding which homeopathic medicine to take depends on the current treatment you are taking.

Already taking Homeopathic medicine
If you are taking homeopathic medicine, then your homeopathic doctor has already given you the Constitutional medicines to boost your immunity, and therefore there is no need to take anything else. No need to take Arsenic 30 or camphor 1m or any other medicine to boost immunity.

Not taking any homeopathic medicines

If you are not taking any homeopathic medicine then the best choice will be to consult a homeopathic doctor near you, give him a detailed history and take a specific tailor-made constitutional homeopathic medicine to boost your immunity.

If it’s not possible for you to consult a homeopathic doctor near you, then take Arsenic album 30 from the nearest homeopathic pharmacy.

I’m taking homeopathic medicines but I need medicines for my family members?
For you (taking a homeopathic medicine), no need to do anything as you have already been given immunity boosting medicines by your homeopathic doctor. For other family members, if they can’t consult a homeopathic doctor, then they can buy Arsenic Alb 30 from a homeopathic pharmacy near you.

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