A tribute to MY Mother

Friends, today we are celebrating the most auspicious, HEARTFUL DAY … MOTHER’S DAY

I would like to start today with Hindi poem,

उसके होंठो पर कभी बद्दुआ नहीं होती
बस एक मां है जो कभी खफा नहीं होती।।

Today is second Sunday of May, this day is celebrated as MOTHER’S DAY, all over the world.#mother day date 2020My heart is filled with love and eyes with tears for the love and compassion which this word itself represent . Some words says itself, expresses itself, does itself, and one such word is MOTHER. Her relentless contributions towards the growth and well-being of her children. While one day is really not enough to pay tribute to, and honour the mother, the day encourages to come out in support and acknowledgement of everything that a mother tirelessly does, day in and out.I have, with God’s grace and blessings, bestowed on me and continue to get the love and care of MY Mother and Mother-in-law. What will be my Mother’s day gift? What can be given to such a mother for her timeless, selfless, unbounded showers of love and care?It’s said that Woman is not complete without Motherhood. Its Mother Nature who has bestowed this unusual power of Motherhood to bear, care and endeavour to US.I feel proud that NO OTHER country says their mother land, as we, in India call our country भारत मां. The relentless, brave warriors of our country security forces and heart of each and every citizen says भारत माता की जय।What gift can we offer to Mother?? A gift of selfless service of humanity, sincerity, compassion to ONE AND ALL our brothers and sisters. We all are CHILDREN of Mother India has the purpose to serve her with whatever BEST we can.Thanks again with a beautiful quote,

रुके तो चांद जैसी है,
चले तो हवाओं जैसी है,
वह मां ही है
जो धूप में भी छांव जैसी है।।

12 thoughts on “A tribute to MY Mother”

  1. Thanks to greet to mother, mother in law, Bharat Mata. Your poems is heart touching. We give you lots blessings as you also mother, so give restless, touching to your son, daughter, brother, sister. Happy Mother’s day

  2. Perception of Mother
    Experience of endless tiredless unbounded unconditional love compassion and care
    The word is मां no suffix or prefix can add extra value to her Being Mother:; Invaluable


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