Myths about Menses /Periods

Friends, today I would like to share about very personal, very common and also very less understood or I should say misunderstood topic….MENSES.

Menses is such a topic which we always feel very private and definitely it is but so much private that we rarely give ourselves a second thought that what we know about it ….is it really scientific?

Some common myths which I have heard since I got menses in my childhood from my mother and elder ladies.

  1. Menses blood is dirty blood.
  2. Menstruation is shameful.
  3. Avoid taking head showers as it is harmful. In Indian society,menses is considered as taboo. It is sign of uncleanliness and impurity. For reasons not known but head bath or showers will cool the body and reduce the flow and things such that are pushed in our minds. On the contrary, cleanliness is must, cleaning the vagina and maintaining personal hygiene during such days is utmost desirable.
  4. Do not exercise during periods. It is advised to take rest no doubt but doing yoga asanas like butterfly and pranayam is useful . It will help to ease menstrual pain and also blood flow.
  5. Women should not enter the kitchen and cook food during menses. It is believed that menstruating women are unhygienic and unclean and hence food handled and prepared by them is contaminated so they should not cook. Women’s body emit some smell which spoils the food so they should not touch sour foods such as pickles. However , there is no scientific reason to prove this.
  6. Sex during periods causes more menstrual pain and low sex drive. First of all both the partners should be comfortable with the idea otherwise it would be great turn off. Otherwise, sex during menses can have a positive impact on the overall health of the women. It eases menstrual pain , shortens menses period and reduces migraine headaches.

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