Is meditation need of the hour for our children????

In today’s world of the rat race of marks, percentiles, percentage, do we have time to take a break?

“I’m a teen but I’m independent. I am the busiest person chatting online. I have my own sky to reach and own life to live. I have learned to be responsible and take care of my own.” These remarks will be a daily routine in the lives of many teenager’s parents….am I right?

I am trying to project both ends of the situation….one side are us, parents and on the other side are OUR FUTURE. So what is the problem???? Where is the question of meditation here? Is meditation need of the hour for our children????

While dealing with the different kinds of stress and strains of life and studies, children get nervous, upset, frustrated. They lose their concentration very easily due to mobiles, TV, last but not least internet surfing and all such things.

As I have been associated with Vipassana since 20 years and now associated with MITRA ( Mind In Training Right Awareness), an initiative by Vipassana Institute to teach Anapana meditation in schools from 5 standard onwards. We have specially designed children courses as per age groups….one day courses, two and three days residential courses at the Vipassana centers.

Our respected Guruji, Shri Satyanarayan Goenka saw that today in our school, academics are given more importance than CHARACTER Building. Our children have obtained high ranks and scores but lack behind in LIVING A HAPPY PEACEFUL life for their own, for others around and World at large. His wish was not only adults but children too lead a happy life and life of MORALITY.

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