YES, you have read it right Corona or Karuna, isn’t sounds like misspelt or correctly spelt….in Hindi KARUNA means love, compassion. Isn’t it this word rightly coined????????

India has emerged today as the third largest country in the world to get infected by it with the numbers increasing day by day exponentially clearly showing us that we are one of the most spiritual countries in the world. As stated by President Dr Lobasng Sangay of the Central Tibetan Administration talked about embracing faith and spirituality during the global crisis. Spirituality plays a vital role in combating the coronavirus that has become a global pandemic by uniting humanity as he emphasised that only through unity, the global crisis could be defeated. “Rather than dwelling on petty differences created by a narrow concept such as us and them, it is more crucial that we come together as one human community and realise that we are all interdependent on each other because coronavirus has no respect for social, racial, economic barriers of humans” he added. This he said is something everyone can learn from a spiritual point of view in addition to social and emotional points of view.

Yesterday while talking to a friend, he said with the sad and dejected tone,” I got infected with corona, I am home quarantined.” and while talking he started crying…” We can’t afford hospitalisation.” This incident might not be single, but daily experience in India today…

A well known spiritual writer, Deepak Chopra has said there are three levels of response to the COVID, how it affects us physically, mentally and spiritually. The physical response came first, and by now everyone knows about self-isolation, social distancing and testing. The second effect, on our psyches, is being experienced personally but with only fitful answers and advice. The best advice in the mental area is MEDITATION and yoga, relaxation techniques and paying attention every day to finding not just relaxation but joy and comfort in your life.

The need for all of us to be thoughtful, helpful and compassionate to each other whether it be socially, financially, or emotionally. This pandemic has opened an eye to the lifestyle with we live…sorry to say but the inevitable truth is we live and spend to put forth to the world our wealth, homes to showcase ourselves.  But today corona has made this picture… TOPSYTURVY. We all might have heard from our grandparents about their childhood times, times of era before our INDEPENDENCE, the way of life with less resources but happy joint families. 

A poem by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee says it all

उजियारे में, अंधकार में,
कल कहार में, बीच धार में,
घोर घृणा में, पूत प्यार में,
क्षणिक जीत में, दीर्घ हार में,
जीवन के शत-शत आकर्षक,
अरमानों को ढलना होगा.
कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा.

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  1. Perfectly explained. These thoughts constantly help people to stay aware of what should be done.
    #motivative #keepfighting

  2. Very well put forward the present scenario, actually this Pandemic has taught us many things. Specially to survive with the limited resources and enjoying family time.


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