Digital detox and role of Homeopathy

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Today topic is DIGITAL DETOX …I suppose everyone will be verse with this …not too old and not too new TOO. The irony of today’s topic is I am going to talk about digital abuse and I am using the digital medium to abuse it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is digital detox? According to the dictionary, a period during which someone deliberately avoids using electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

Now you would say what is the need for us t do so? Are we really in need of it? We, from we, I mean right from children, mom, dad, grannies, grandpa, friends all fit in this.

How many times are we seeing such scenes in our hall or drawing rooms or dining table?

This is what I mean is our obsession, love to gadgets, mobiles. All are together but still apart. We like to live in virtual world. We like to have friends, send friend requests to friends far and near ….but on FACEBOOK…..not in REAL LIFE rather REEL LIFE. We want to BE IN TOUCH but have forgot the power of touch. What this kind of life has lead us to? Why digital detox came in the picture?

  1. Technology can be stressful
  2. It disrupts sleep and gives rise to multiple sleep disorders.
  3. Increased risk for mental health problems among adolescents leading to worse scores in school, colleges and extracurricular level.
  4. Need for constant connectivity creates an imbalance of work and life.
  5. Fear of missing out, known as FOMO, is the fear that you are missing the experiences that everyone else is having.
  6. When you start feeling anxious, irritable, angry when mobiles are taken away.
  7. It would not be wrong to mention about the suicides been committed by young future generation when not allowed to play their favourite games like PUBG.
  8. When you cannot concentrate on your work and are tempted to check mobile again and again.

These are alarming signs for us to understand to take steps to prevent ourselves to fall prey to mobomania.

Homoeopathy has a role to control this obsession, anger, irritability, mood changes and sleep disorders which results due to such lifestyles. It helps to deal the life stress in more realistic and smoother way, in balanced way by considering MIND and BODY, in a holistic way.

One of the powerful technique in controlling MIND to detox itself, is Anapana meditation.

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