What is JANTA CURFEW for me ?

While I was thinking yesterday what would be my topic for today’s blog to write, I was blank. As we all know or I should say experienced that Mother Nature comes to our rescue when needed.

We live in one of the most biggest and successful DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY. Truly speaking, how can our PM Modi can impose us to do against our wish as we are FREE TO DO what we WANT. This compulsion is like DICTATORSHIP which Hitler use to do. Why is this JANTA CURFEW?

I am sure you all must have seen this scene of movie ‘Sholay’ when Gabbar Singh attacks the village and old , young kids, men, women running towards their home for their life. Is it not TODAY’S SCENE???? Here Gabbar Singh is Coronavirus.

What is this ENEMY? How it has brought a halt to my life, my country to OUR world at large? What are my weapons to fight against it? What should we do so that it no longer exists ?

What is the significance of this JANTA CURFEW to me?

Just as I said in my last blog ….This enemy is not outside but inside…..so is the FRIEND….

Our weapon , our tool, our guns to fight this enemy is our SELF CONTROL, OUR WILL POWER.

It is rightly said and proved time and again ….United we stand and divided we fall…..But FIRST TIME ever in the history of this Century ….this saying is OPPOSED as We will show UNITY BY BEING DIVIDED.

This day we can show to ourselves, to this ZOMBIE Corona virus…..




We have got this chance to fight this battle for us, for our country for the World at large by not being at the battle field but BEING AT HOME.



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