Homoepathy and skin disease

The skin is the body’s largest organ; an average person’s skin weighs 4kgs (9lbs) and covers an area of 2 square metres (22 sq feet). These figures are not so surprising when we enumerate the skin’s many functions. Some are fairly obvious: protection against chemicals, radiation, microbes etc; preserving a balanced internal environment by keeping us warm, preventing us from drying out; and the sensation of touch in all its variety.

But the skin has less obvious functions: subcutaneous fat is a major reserve of energy, vitamin D is synthesised in the skin when exposed to ultra-violet light. The skin also has important social and sexual functions: it secretes pheromones which play an important role in sexual attraction, while the hair and lips play a more conscious social and sexual role.

Skin being also expresses the manifestation of the inner MIND. It is an expression of suppressed emotions, anger, expectations, stress worries, tension.

That’s what we see in our day to day life, skin which represents us in front of the world. According to Louise Hay, diseases arise when you do NOT LOVE YOURSELF.There’s a connection between the mind and the skin, says Ted A. Grossbart, PhD, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston and author of Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy skin. .

Experts agree that stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions might be an underlying – and underdiagnosed – reason for common skin issues like acne, rosacea, psoriasis and premature ageing. When you look at what’s going on underneath, most often we find unacknowledged anger

Sometimes, Your Skin Needs You to Take It on Vacation

It is so common for my patients to report when they leave town on some relaxing vacation, their psoriasis or eczema almost magically resolves.

You can see the miracles with homoepathic medicine in such conditions. The fact that the modern medicine is unaware of is that a HARMONY exists between mind and skin. Skin is the MIRROR of the inner self. Suppressed anger being manifested as urticarial rashes on the body. The patient feels burning as on fire.

Homoepathic remedies such as Apis, Belladonna, Arsenic alb, and many more selected on the basis of the etiological emotions gives not only relief but ever lasting cure for both mind and body.

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  1. Homeopathic medication does work. I have been treating my skin under Dr. Sunayana since a past few months and the results are very positive. I would definitely recommend Homeopathy as a remedy to everybody.


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