Homeopathy for Healthy Child

Friends, today I would like to share with you an experience of a beautiful case of 6 months old baby girl. She had fever and had cold cough and was given antibiotics as usual by pediatrician. But she had severe aggravation from it….to the point that she was crying continues as not able to eat or drink or sleep the whole night and day. Her shril cry made me go to her home as she stays to by near building ….I went to her place and she was not allowing me to touch also. Her whole mouth was fiery red. Her urinary area was very red…..parents were on the verge of getting her admit to the hospital….our homoepathic remedy Nux vomica 30 came to rescue …..I gave her one hourly 1 teaspoonful of water dose …within 4 hours she slept and stopped crying…
I saw her on Saturday morning and as next day was Sunday, I just had a talk to mother that she is fine…..today she came with her to clinic …. thanking me that you saved her for hospitalisation…..

Not only people in India, our government but also abroad have agreed and experienced that homoepathic medicines are best.

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  1. The best remedy of all is homeopathy…and it has no side effects.so ok.No harm at all to our body
    Great going Dr Sunayana, keep it up!!


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