It the very common and once in a lifetime everyone has encountered this allergy. What is it? why is it so common?


Allergy is a hypertensive reaction of the immune system to a foreign substance that is normally harmless substance. This foreign substance is called an ALLERGEN. People who are allergic have more than one substance.


  1. food
  2. dust
  3. pollen,
  4. drugs
  5. hayfever
  6. insect stings
  7. pet dander or hairs.

These are most commonly encountered. Many times patient suffers from symptoms but is not able to detect the allergen.


There are range of symptoms from mild to severe depending on the type and how much exposure to allergens.

  1. It usually develops within a few minutes to 2 hours after eating the food.
  2. sneezing, coughing, watering from nose and eyes.
  3. hives, rashes, itching of the skin.
  4. swelling of face, lips, throat or part of the body.
  5. burning sensation of the parts.
  6. wheezing, breathlessness, nasal congestion.
  7. abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.
  8. lightheadedness, giddiness and fainting are also seen.



In some cases, the allergen can cause a severe form of reaction called anaphylaxis. It can be life-threatening and needs emergency treatment in a hospital.


Allergy tests are done for diagnostic purposes but whether you need them or not. Many times false positive reports cause unnecessary anxiety and stress and cause changes in your lifestyle. eg wheat, soya, milk. you may end up using in your diet which leads to poor nutrition.

Your detailed case with medical history taken by the physician itself with self-help steps is very useful. If these self-help steps are not useful then only tests should are advised.


The best prevention for allergy is to AVOID ITS EXPOSURE.

  • by use of masks.
  • regular cleaning of curtains,sofas, cushions.
  • avoid using carpets and use of wood and vinyl floorings
  • not consuming those food items,
  • avoid pets or limit their area.
  • For hay fever or allergic rhinits, during summer and spring seasons, stay indoors when it’s high, if possible.


As the root cause of allergy is an altered immune system, the role of homoeopathy is very effective. Homoeopathic medicines given on the basis of a holistic approach help to CORRECT AND EFFECTIVELY HELP the IMMUNE SYSTEM. it not only improves your allergic symptoms but also your overall health.

Some of the remeies like Allium cepa, Apis mell, Belladona, Rhus tox, Sulph, Mezerum, Urticaria urens.


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