I began to see Dr. Sunayana Agrawal almost 2-1/2 months ago. On my first visit, I consulted her for the control of my vomiting and swelling over my face problem. Dr. Sunayana Agrawal asks wonderfully insightful questions that really get to the root of the issues. After a month, I started seeing more improvement. My vomiting problem was less than before. I also started seeing improvement in other walks of my life also that was unexpected. Thanks for all .

Mrs. Sunita GeonkaAccountant by profession

I approached Dr. Agrawal for my neck pain and headache problem. When all the allopathic medicines I was taking, proved to be fruitless and ineffective after countless visits to different doctors I visited Dr. Agrawal, a thorough professional. She devotes her time to understand her client issues. The homeopathy is very effective and I started seeing the results within a month. I am very close to being normal and thanks Mrs. Agrawal.

Mr. Pradip AgrawalSales Manager

I Mrs. Hemali Parekh who started treatment for PCOD from 2011 under the guidance of Dr. Sunayana Agrawal, am totally cured with it. I am totally satisfied and would strongly recommend her for best homeopathy treatment. She understands and listen to patients problems with exceptional patience quality in her. Half the problem a patient has gets relieved by just talking to her. Regular follow up with her has surely helped me out to quit my problems.

Mrs. Hemali Parekh

Hi All! I am Jyoti Agrawal. Dr. Sunayana Agrawal is my doctor as well as a very good friend of mine. She is a very good listener and a very very good fantastic doctor. I had blood pressure issue since past almost 8 years, for which I had been taking various medicines and had consulted many doctors. Her treatment proved to be the best one as I was able to discontinue all the tablets related to BP and the frequent fluctuations in the BP has also stopped. It is very consistent and stays normal now.
Similarly, I also took medicines from Dr. Sunayana for my migraine attack. The attacks were very severe and frequent for which the neurologists had given me sleeping pills to put my brain on rest which again had too many side effects on me. Dr. Sunayana's medicine and treatment has cured the issue to almost 95% in a couple of months and has given me a lot of relief.
There are many other things and good experiences but due to some limitations can't mention them all. I can only say one thing here that homeopathy ia a boon an Dr. Sunayana is a blessing in disguise.
Thank you Dr. Sunayana for everything. (Medication and Friendship)

Mrs. Jyoti Agrawal
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