Whether your child exhibits delays in reading, maths, spelling or writing, dyslexia, retention or comprehension of material?

Is he or she simply a slow learner?

If you take your child to a homeopath, all of these specific areas of concern will be dealt in detail, your child will be assessed and appreciated as a whole person.

Also if he may suffer from headaches or allergies in addition with learning challenges. Parents and caretakers find it difficult to deal in day today life activities.

Management of the adaptive and behavior issues

The ultimate goal for every treatment is to give the child autonomy and a sense of independence using the acquired skills he/she has.

Treatment of such children need management at all levels with the team work of occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychologist, homoeopath, school teachers and also most important parents. These includes :

Homoeopathic Treatment

The homeopathic treatment is that all of these concerns will be addressed at the same time by a single homeopathic medicine within weeks or a couple of months of finding the right homeopathic medicine.

You will notice concrete changes in your child such as the following:

  • MARKS improve significantly.
  • Your child will report more ease and less frustration with learning.
  • The teacher(s) will notice appreciable change in your child’s learning skills.
  • Comprehension of the subjects is better.
  • Daily activities of toilet habits, self care has remarkable changes.
  • Behaviour with learning, will improve markedly.
  • Social behour with Friends and relatives as a child becomes more confidence and self-assuredness.
  • Mentally they behave more mature rapidly than before.

In my clinical experience, these are changes that begin to occur within one to four weeks of time.

These children are greatly benefitted with the holistic way of homoeopathy. It consists of understanding and analysis and evaluation of the individual child adaptations and behaviours with the environment in the school, home and interactions with the surroundings.

Some drugs like Calc carb, Calc phos, Baryta carb, Lyco, Merc, Sil, Medo, etc, are very useful in such cases depending on the constitutions.


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