I had graduated with the mission of serving humanity with homoeopathy.

In my travel, through the journey of the educating and making myself best. We had the clinical experiences with the best doctors in the homoeopathy, Dr. Kishore Mehta, Dr. K.N. Kasad, Dr. Jagose. I am associated with the international renowned institute, Homoeopathic Education and Research Institute ( HERI ), in Mumbai.

I have learned that, the very easy and most complicated thing in life is the health and well being of us, yes true EASY and COMPLICATE. All of us have life with self i.e. our physical well being and a life with our ownself i.e. mental well being.

I have always associated with ourself, as we all think that the health is something like eat, sleep and rest well will make us healthy… but that’s not the ONLY health. Homoeopathy founder Dr, Hahnemann has taught us that mind precedes the body…derangement at the emotions, intellect will comes first than the body.

My self experience of anger, excitement for those things that I do not like, brought urticarial rash with burning all over the body as if on fire. It lead me to take physical measures, baths, cold applications, allopathic doses of antihistamics with little relief. But the magic pills of homoeopathic medicine selected on this principle of mind, bought me long lasting and permanent cure of urticaria.

Today not only working with the patients but also in the family members, I had not vaccinated my child for those supposed to be preventive diseases like chickenpox, typhoid and many more . Its the deeper understanding and truth behind the Immune response of the human body that this pathy has taught to be SCIENTIFIC and HONEST EXPERIENCE.

The answer to many common ailments from cold, cough till the difficult, intreatable, incurable cases(according to the modern methods) find its treatment in the homoeopathy like autism, allergies, multiple sclerosis, cancers.


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