Myth : Homeopathy is simply herbal medicine.

Fact : Not really. Homeopathy is much more than herbal medicine. It has medicines sourced from herbs, minerals, chemicals, animal products, organisms, etc. And, very importantly, it is backed by a sophisticated method of medicine preparation, sound scientific principles and deep philosophy.

Myth : Homeopathy is a placebo therapy.

Fact : Homeopathy is a proven therapy, used successfully for last 200 years in over 170 countries; supported by scientific studies. It shows once ignorance if one believes that homeopathy is placebo.

Myth : Homeopathy increases the disease before curing.

Fact : Not really. Only some disease such as eczema might worsen, that too in less than 5% of cases if medicines are not professionally prescribed. The whole idea of the increase of disease before the cure is exaggerated.

Myth : Homeopathic medicines contain steroid or cortisone!

Fact : It is absurd to even think that homeopathy may contain cortisone.

Myth : Homeopathy is very slow.

Fact : Homeopathy is little slower than the conventional medicines; but not very slow. Since it deals with chronic and difficult diseases, the course of treatment may seem slow and long.

Myth : Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken with the conventional (allopathic) medicines.

Fact : Conventional medicines and homeopathic medicines can safely be taken together, with advantage, without any harm depending on the disease.

Myth : Homeopathy is very fast!

Fact : It is not even very fast. It all depends on the nature of the disease that is under treatment.

Myth : Homeopathy cures all diseases

Fact : Not always, to be honest. Homeopathy gives lasting results for sure. The word is theoretical, which cannot be promised for, in difficult diseases.